Alice: Madness Returns DLC Dresses

I’ve got some spare MS Points to blow right now. I’m very picky about what I spend my points on, so I’ve got something like 2400 points saved up just waiting to be spent.

The only DLC I’ve ever purchased for myself is the Weapons of Madness and Dresses pack for Alice: Madness Returns. I am very hardcore fangirl-y over that game, and I was very excited to try out the new dresses. I was a little disappointed in the weapon models. To be quite honest, I really liked the looks of the final in-game weapons better. The pack was still worth it for their benefits and for the fierce dresses, plus the bonuses the new dresses allow.

From the Alice: Madness Returns main menu, there’s an option to doll up Alice in your DLC dresses and weapons or to select a specific dress from the game content, overriding the natural story-selected dresses for each chapter. Each dress from the game and DLC pack offers Alice an in-game bonus, things like extra damage, permanent shrink sense, and healing bonuses.

I can’t say it enough; I love this Weapons and dresses pack. I loved this game so much that I’m hoping they’ll put out an Xbox Theme for it. I’d pick one up in a heartbeat.

It’s weird though, because it’s totally abnormal for me to even check out any kind of DLC. Using my points for that kind of thing has never been something I was interested in. After all, I didn’t even get new game content. I convinced myself that Peggle Nights was the expansion to Peggle, so it was “worth” buying when Pop Cap games were 50% off on the recent XBLA Deal of the Week.

Beautiful Katamari hasn’t gotten the same love. I was really disappointed in the length and seeming lack of care in the actual game, so I just can’t convince myself to buy the DLC levels. Sadly, they look fun, and I want them. It’s not like I have tons of things I’m waiting to spend my points on either. I just can’t justify getting the levels for myself.

Should I get the Beautiful Katamari DLC levels? I feel like with how many premium icon packs and things like that they’ve got for sale, they were just after money. Maybe there’s just no passion left in their franchise.


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