Skylanders please, Santa

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know. I’m 12. Maybe not 12 according to my birth certificate or my mother’s periodic whining about the day of my birth, but I’m 12. Maybe 8 on a good day.

Chicken strips are one of my favorite foods. So are Chef Boyardee Beef Raviolis. I love cartoons. And I’m not above whining to get my way.

More so than that, I love toys. And TCGs. And unwrapping oodles of packets of TCG cards.

So, when I saw Skylanders on QVC one day — Yes, I have a pretty severe QVC addiction, but I don’t buy anything. I swear! Well, maybe once in a while… — I was enchanted by the idea. A game into which my toys are imported? Sets of collectible toys? All based on my secret love, Spyro?

The game comes with a “portal” platform that imports your figurines into the game. The figurines have some sort of internal memory that recalls levels, equipment, and the like. And, as it has a pretty hefty start-up cost, it’s exciting to see that there are multiplayer options with just one portal.

I swooned but continued cooking dinner. I don’t need this game. I have Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 coming soon. That’s plenty of family-oriented gaming, especially with having just rented Disney Universe from GameFly. Plus, I have SWTOR coming not long after that. I’ll be so busy, I’ll have no time for a Spyro adventure.

I told myself to take a step back. Besides, it’s stupid anyway. It’s for kids. It’s obviously too easy for a woman who’s in her late 20s. Stop being ridiculous, I told myself. And, I was sated. Everything was fine.

But today I found Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog while looking for SWTOR bloggers. Reading back a few posts, I happened across Graev’s Skylanders post. Expletive!

This is not good.

I really don’t need outside confirmation that this game is as amazingly delightful and charming as it looks. I didn’t need to know that there are puzzles. I love puzzles.

And look at how adorable the little figures are! Spyro even has tiny dragonscale detailing.

Santa, can I have Skylanders for Christmas? I’ve been a wonderfully good girl this year. I swear. See? I didn’t even swear up there.


About Amanda

Amanda is a 20-something flailing gamer. While she loves MMORPGs, the company in them often triggers flare-ups of her social anxiety. Her all-time favorite games include Everquest Online Adventures, Eternal Sonata, the Animal Crossing series, Katamari Damacy, and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. She lives on junk food, and her favorite books are equally trashy. She doesn't believe in putting two spaces after a period, but she does strongly believe in the serial comma. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for starting sentences with "and" and "but;" hopefully you won't hold that, or her excessive use of semicolons, against her.

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