Update: It looks like Tera/En Masse is now recommending that you submit a ticket to them if you’re someone who pre-ordered from Amazon or Best Buy:

If you pre-ordered TERA from Amazon.com or Best Buy and still haven’t received your beta code, please contact our Customer Support Team and include “Pre-ordered from [Amazon/Best Buy].” as the first sentence. Make sure that you submit your ticket before 9:00 AM PST tomorrow, February 10.

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Because it seems to be a common search term, I thought I’d leave links to:

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So, something got messed up with the way the pre-order codes went out to retailers for Tera, and, even though the first closed beta test starts tomorrow, only people who pre-ordered from En Masse Entertainment have had codes prior to today. I’ve heard word that GameStop have their codes now, but since our preorders are through Amazon, we haven’t heard a word yet.

If you still haven’t gotten your code from Amazon and want in on this weekend’s beta test, submit a ticket to En Masse Entertainment with a screenshot to prove that you pre-ordered through Amazon. The husband and I were both offered one time codes good for this weekend.

Great customer service, En Masse Entertainment! That’s a great way to start off on the right foot.

When I contacted Amazon’s customer support about this, the rep had no idea what was going on. S/he reassured me that the code would be sent out when the game released. Yay?


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