I have never even so much as attempted a space mission in SWTOR.

Also, TG and I are actually having an enjoyable time doing alt PvE things. We’re still holding on to you for now, SWTOR, but I’m on to you.


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  1. Goon says:

    I enjoyed the space missions, but they do quickly become repetitive and tedious. You say you haven’t tried them, but has TG?

    Level through the game, experiencing the stories is a blast for me and Mrs Goon. Hopefully coming changes to PvP in 1.2 will bring much of the fun we’re missing in the end game side. :/

    • HNtG says:

      Yes, TG has done the space missions. He uses them for xp boosts mainly, like this week he’s been catching a Sith up to my Inquisitor. The space missions just give a bit of catch up xp since my girl out-leveled her quests doing too much PvP, so even though they were on the same quests, my Sith still had 2 levels on him.

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