The Tera Closed Beta 2 (CBT2) for those of us in America is this weekend from Friday, February 24 at noon (12:00pm PST) through Sunday, February 27 just before midnight (11:59pm PST). They’ve announced that the level cap is increased to 27, they’re adding two PvP servers, and there will now be two character slots available per server.

In relevant but more personal news, I got an email from Amazon this morning saying that the Razer Hex mouse we ordered for me could arrive as early as the 24th. It would be wonderful to have it early enough to use it for this beta test, but I’m just looking forward to updating my mouse a bit. Once I’ve had a chance to really test it out, I’ll hopefully be able to post about how much I adore it. Though, I think I might just be thrilled to tears just by having more than one thumb button to make use of, so it might be more of a squee than a review. But, I guess that’s really not atypical for this blog, right?


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