Today’s post includes a dramatic re-enactment. It also includes screenshots. Keep in mind that while two Siths and two pirates were harmed during the making of this blog post, it’s okay because they all medical probed, Seethed, and did the whole thing over again for screenshots. They were fine. Mostly.

Today, TG and I were questing in Taris on Empire characters for the first time. We’ve seen Taris several times on the Republic side, but these are our highest level Empire characters to date. We’ve even, finally, passed our Imperial Agents that we’d had so much fun with.

Anyway, while working on some quest or another, we were sent to sabotage some sort of vehicle that had a rather less-than-obvious thing to click on to spawn the elite we needed to kill. TG took a cursory glance at the ship and failed to see the clicky thing. Unfortunately, he turned around. And, of course, this is what he saw:

Oh, you know what's coming.

You see that lovely blue glow? Well, while I was busy clicking on the sabotage point to kill some quest mob, TG thought that this would be a lovely time to investigate the death of this Mysterious Jedi.

It was a pretty exciting moment when TG came running over to pull the elite off my poor Andronikos once I noticed the huge worm he was dragging behind him.

Mysterious Defeated Jedi Worm

The Ancient One Heroic World Boss SWTOR

As it turns out, the worm was The Ancient One, a Heroic World Boss. A Heroic World Boss clearly designed for more than two people to take on.

My companion, Andronikos, was frightened into submission for the duration of battle. Strangely, it seemed that his twin, Andronikos, that TG happened to meet in the same place that I met my Andronikos, was also a little wigged out by the Worm of Doom.

Andronikos Revel dying on his back.

They were no help.

SWTOR death

“Well, that’s not so mysterious now.”

Oh, TG. You’re so silly.


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