In today’s issue of things that piss me off, it seems that the douchebags are running rampant in Tera tonight.


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  1. Goon says:

    People like that depress me, chances are outside of the virtual world they’re being picked on, so they log in and want to feel tough. It is just spreading the poison to more people.
    Sad to see a community that toxic before the game even comes out.

    • HNtG says:

      I feel like, last night at least, it was less about people bullying and more about one-upping the last guy who said something. You know how one guy makes a “make me a sandwich” joke and then it just spirals off as they each try to tell “funnier” jokes? That was last night. Felt like younger kids showing off for each other, to be honest.

      Honestly, this wasn’t even bad compared to the previous weekend’s chat. I had to have the chat channels off that whole weekend.

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