League of Legends Install

I have become obsessed with a League of Legends streamer on twitch.tv that seems to play into the wee hours of the morning. As such, TG and I are trying it out. It’s the kind of game I would never play with strangers, so we just play with bots. Then we stop playing and I watch League of Legends. I couldn’t figure out why I find it so intriguing to watch until TG likened it to watching sports.

Only, it’s way better than sports to look at.


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  1. Goon says:

    I tried playing this for a month, the community was just too mean spirited and viscous for me to want to continue to play and remain sane.

    Hey League of Legends Community, Don’t Be a Jerk

  2. Truthfully, the community on League is no better or worse than WoW or any other massively multiplayer game. I’ve played League of Legends since open beta. Nearly two years and honestly, I find people just as annoying there as the dude knocking my Shadow Priest.

    • A Passing Thought says:

      Really? I never remember playing WoW and being in a group where my DPS Rogue shouted at me for missing a taunt that I should, “GO PLAY BOT GAMES UNTIL YOUR EYES ****ING BLEED AND GET OUT OF THE QUEUE.” (That was said to me in a normal queue at level 20, so neither max level nor ranked as an excuse) Honestly, I’ve never played a game with such an unforgiving and unreasonably hostile community. If you do well, the enemy team will have many sour words to call you for supposedly cheating or will state someone on their team fed and ask for you to send reports. If you lose, your own team will scream and request you be reported. If you’ve found the same hostility in WoW, I either pity you or I envy you for never having found this kind of hostility in your time playing LoL.

      • Brittany says:

        I never said the behavior wasn’t there. I merely pointed out that it exists in other games. Pity me if you like, I don’t know what on earth you would do so for. I’ve taken my fair share of flaming for everything from sucking to carrying the team. In both games. It’s patently silly to suggest that you or I are the only ones to experience it or even to suggest there’s a good reason for such hateful and needless behavior.

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