League of Legends Ahri

I knew that the first thing I should save my IP for in League of Legends was Ahri. She was free to play, and I knew I’d want to have her once I no longer had access to her. But, instead I got all crazy and bought Janna, Kayle, Annie, and Soraka. Because, you know, having many you want to play is obviously better than having one you want to play.

That might be true, but I really miss Ahri. Why must you be 6300 IP, Ahri? I mean, it won’t take me long to save up for her, but what if I get distracted again and buy other champions? I don’t have the willpower to save funds, just ask my bank account!

Side note: Ohhh, I can already afford Lux! Or I could get Morgana and Veigar.

Second side note: I will never have Ahri at this rate. I can just tell.


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  1. haha that is a great post.

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