This week Trav and I have been closely monitoring the vague descriptors applied to each Tera server in hopes of landing on a Mostly Ghost Town server. We even remade our original pre-order name reservation characters, choosing different names in the process, on a different server than we originally chose.

Tera blonde human female Priest

I know I haven’t posted anything to indicate how excited we are about Tera, but we really are just dying to play again. We’re both rolling human females, a Warrior and Priest respectively. It’s really weird how much I miss this game. With how much bad luck we’ve had with games lately, I was starting to wonder if maybe I’d just outgrown having fun or something. Maybe we just don’t like MMOs. Fortunately, Tera seems like a total blast, but it’s definitely one of, if not the last MMO we’re going to get invested in for a while.

We’ve been playing a bit of casual League of Legends now and then. It’s just Trav and I with bots, so we’re not even involving ourselves in that toxic community. It’s been fun working toward getting new champions and trying out the free-to-play rotation champs.

But, honestly, since we re-subscribed to Netflix streaming, I’ve really just spent way too much time with my eyes glazing over staring at our TV. Trav has been spending his free time fussing around on a Paladin with a free-to-play WoW account. He took his 20 Paladin into a Warsong match and AFK’d out not long after. The people who play these games anymore are just ridiculously and needlessly vulgur.

SWTOR has sent a few emails whining at me to come back, most notably through some sort of free-to-play event. Frankly, I’m not even interested. I think, right now, SWTOR would be the last game I’d want to get back into. I know I’m not the only person thinking so.

HNTG Search Terms for the Past 90 Days

Every single day I get searches wondering about the fate of SWTOR. Is it dying, dead, gone? Of course, that’s my fault. If you make posts entitled How Ranked Warzones Could Kill SWTOR’s Already Dying Casual PvP and Why SWTOR Is Pretty Much Dead to Me, you’re going to get those kinds of search hits. But, the fact remains, people are searching it every single day.

That can’t look good to BioWare.

I mean, seriously. I wonder what their numbers are looking like if they’re giving away free months of service and free play time to former players.

But, you know, I’m no analyst so I’ll just go back to playing Draw Something with my mom.


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Amanda is a 20-something flailing gamer. While she loves MMORPGs, the company in them often triggers flare-ups of her social anxiety. Her all-time favorite games include Everquest Online Adventures, Eternal Sonata, the Animal Crossing series, Katamari Damacy, and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. She lives on junk food, and her favorite books are equally trashy. She doesn't believe in putting two spaces after a period, but she does strongly believe in the serial comma. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for starting sentences with "and" and "but;" hopefully you won't hold that, or her excessive use of semicolons, against her.

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