We flailed our way through Tera’s Sinestral Manor this weekend, and I now have one happy Priest.

We actually wound up dealing with a full reset after a wipe and a break to walk our dog after the first boss, so we got to do him twice. The whole dungeon just seemed to be in love with Trav’s Warrior as he got drop after delightful, blue drop.

Though, I suppose it could have been our fault since we default to giving him first dibs on jewelry.

Finally though, we slogged our way through the final battle, and Malgarios rained down presents for my Priest.

Emissary's Medallion

Vampir Aristocrat's Shoes

Chaosbane Tera

And before we lost access to the beta, I got that delightful staff enchanted to +3.

Chaosbane enchanted Tera

So take that, tiny things! I’m coming for you.


About Amanda

Amanda is a 20-something flailing gamer. While she loves MMORPGs, the company in them often triggers flare-ups of her social anxiety. Her all-time favorite games include Everquest Online Adventures, Eternal Sonata, the Animal Crossing series, Katamari Damacy, and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. She lives on junk food, and her favorite books are equally trashy. She doesn't believe in putting two spaces after a period, but she does strongly believe in the serial comma. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for starting sentences with "and" and "but;" hopefully you won't hold that, or her excessive use of semicolons, against her.

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