Altitis has reared its ugly head again as Trav has decided he wasn’t as fond of his Human Lancer as he could be, and I was even less enthused about my Mystic. That said, Trav enjoys the Lancer class; he just wanted something different in the aesthetic department.

Tera Castanic Sorcerer and Castanic Lancer Island of Dawn

Weirdly, I had been against making a Castanic until now. Their run animation is a little wonky; they flail their arms and legs about like they’re made of some sort of rubbery polymer. Oh, and they lean forward so you can see their undyroos. But, if you’re not staring at their heiny, it’s really a small price to pay for the amazingness that is Castanic cloth armor. I mean, the shoes alone! Sheesh.


Back through the Isle of Dawn. For the millionth or so time.

While it wasn’t anything new, it was still fun and the new spells made combat feel new. I think I’ve found a class I can really stick with and enjoy that isn’t going to take quite as much brain power as the Priest. The Sorcerer’s combat is a lot of fun. I get to dance toward and away from the mob while I toss Fireballs and Magma Bombs. So much fun.

Tera Castanic Lancer and Sorcerer near Lumbertown

I can’t wait until we get to try a BAM with no healer. We’ve been really spoiled up until now. I’m so excited!

Oh, and we even heard a GM speak today.

Tera GM


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  2. Ashlotte says:

    En Masse has awesome GMs and devs. I’ve always appreciated how active they are in the player community.

    • Amanda says:

      Their sense of humor cracks me up as well. I always look forward to their silly comments peppered throughout news posts, patch notes, or what have you. So cute.

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