The Priest and Warrior, Caelynn and Jaelynn, went through Sinestral Manor with a few snafus halting their progress, but at least they accomplished it. Having a healer was really needed, and the Warrior, who is now 35, still struggles with it a bit when we farm for our alts. There’s no way, even now, that the Warrior could run that dungeon without a healer. Maybe someone else could pull it off easily, but with our latency, it’s just not happening.

So I imagine that Jaelynn is pretty irate right now since the Lancer and Sorcerer just kicked down the dungeon’s doors and proceeded to blow the snot out of everything in that place. With no healer. And only one death.

Sinestral Manor Malgarios

We started the day at 28, killed two Ovolith spidereggthings (the technical term for them, I’m pretty sure) outside Sinestral Manor for a quest and, with a gulp of worry, teleported into the dungeon.

The trash was pretty easy. There were a few close calls on some of the trickier groups, but we were feeling pretty confident as we progressed. I think we were both a little shocked when we were able to take down Kagaron. But, really, if you just stay out of his big AOE circle and focus on his adds when they spawn in, he’s pretty easy.

As an aside, we tried farming this dungeon three times for these girls in hopes of getting them some yummy gear. Unfortunately, Tera does not take kindly to farming; if you’re too high level for a mob, the drop rate is significantly decreased. Alas. Plus, for some strange reason Sinestral Manor seems delighted in thrusting Warrior/Slayer/Archer gear at us. So, of course, Kagaron dropped a Warrior/Slayer/Archer shirt and a necklace we both had thanks to our overzealous farming.

We were really hoping that the Duke and Duchess would be generous with a blue Lancer or Sorcerer weapon. Of course, we were not naive enough to hope for the gold versions. That would be overreaching or something.

Duchess Tirania was kind enough to leave us with a ring that we needed and something else we didn’t need that I’ve since forgotten. We were a little worried on her fight though when Trav held up his shield to block and was promptly drained of mana by all the little Moppet adds beating on him. So, we played the kiting game while his mana regened.

Pro Tip: When tanking on a Lancer without a healer, mana regen crystals are your BFF.

I was surprised how well we handled the Duchess; the Warrior and Priest actually completely wiped on her because, prior to the wipe, the Priest died at her and her Moppets’ hands several times and had to keep running back. It was a stressful fight on the Priest and Warrior, and all the circling the room trying to kite her made me a little motion sick. Even though I had to do a little bit of kiting on the Sorcerer today since she has random aggro in one stage, it wasn’t nearly so painful or sickening.

Duke Volperon wasn’t quite so considerate. He’s got piddly hit points but is high damage. Burst him down fast and block his poison and he’s no problem. We ran into the same out-of-mana problem on the Lancer. Finally we went with the strategy where Trav would block until he lost aggro and just taunt him back. It was too risky with the Duke’s high damage to stop blocking for aggro-gaining skills. The Lancer went down on that fight, so I kited the Duke away, sleeped him, and used a scroll to resurrect Trav, and on we went with the fight.

Not too shabby, in my opinion!

Finally we worked our way through the trash to the final boss, Malgarios. His big trick is that, 3 times during the battle, he enrages and then runs to the center of the huge room he’s in to spawn a handful of small Ovolith adds. They are a pain in the heiny since you’re dealing with them and Malgarios enraged. But, if you interrupt him on his run to spawn them he doesn’t do it.

This go through we were competent enough to interrupt all three spawn attempts and took him down with only one hitch: somehow Trav’s Lancer got stuck in between the wall, the teleporter, and the boss. None of his abilities were working correctly, including his block. Yikes! Finally I told him to let me get aggro so that he could get out of that corner. Ugh.

We were blessed with three gold and two blue drops, none of which were the weapons we wanted, but we had fun. That’s what matters!

Turning in those quests, we dinged 30, which was very exciting.

Castanic Sorcerer casts Mana Infusion in Poporia

Based on this go through (and all the playing we’ve done so far), the Lancer is Trav’s new favorite class. I plan to make a post detailing the differences between the Lancer and the Warrior soon since the Lancer is almost caught up to the Warrior (Can you believe it? Sheesh!), and we’ve got a pretty good grasp of what’s good for whom and when.

And, in even better news, I was delighted to hear that Trav thinks he’ll enjoy Tera more than he’ll enjoy Diablo 3 when it comes out, even though he originally thought that wouldn’t be the case.



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