Tera Eldritch Academy Pora Elinu

Tera flying whale shark airship near Tulufan

Tera Entrance to Cultist's Refuge


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  1. First off I want to say thank you Amanda for the review and discussion. I think Amanda has the right to her own opinion, it was HER review. The Point of Reviews is that it is always subjective, never objective. To say any review is not that way is misleading. Amanda was kind enough to post her experience on the web for those of us that didnt play the game to get a players viewpoint. How are we to make a logical decision about a game without MANY different view points, hers is just one of many. Perhaps the cranky rager trolls that wish to yell at her because she has an opinion should start there own blog and see how many people should read it. I do not think the discussion should be about how she messed up or how badly she reviewed a game. I think it should either answer her questions kindly and with manners, or create new ones for Amanda that she can either answer or courteously say “I don’t know” I think many of us are looking for a game where we feel connected with friends and a story where WE are important, and the game did not make her feel that way, like many others. I will not be buying this game as it has yet to prove to me that I will not only enjoy the game, but the people that play it… as it is an M(Multiplayer)ORPG

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