In a twist that will shock absolutely no one, we’ve made a pair of new characters. My new Lancer is quite enjoying the fireworks that Trav’s Priest treats us to. Yes, we made the exact same characters we already have. Except, you know, inverted roles. We’re kind of pathetic like that. But, it’s okay because I’ve got a Kingsguard.

Female castanic Lancer with Kingsguard

Female Castanic with Kingsguard blocking with Stand Fast

And, if you’re intrigued by these fantastic glasses the new Priest is rocking in the picture below, you can get codes for the new promotional cosmetic items (Black Horn-Rimmed Eyeglasses, Pirate Eye Patch, and Shadowcat Mask) on this page right here until June 1st. These cosmetic items are all permanent and can be redeemed for one character per account. So, choose wisely!

Tera Black Horn-Rimmed Eyeglasses on a female Castanic

I’m thinking of making an Archer with an astigmatism. Can’t you just see an adorable little Castanic Archer pushing her glasses up her nose, after they’ve slipped yet again, before firing her bow at some hulking knuckle-dragger? Mmhmm. I knew it was a fabulous idea.


About Amanda

Amanda is a 20-something flailing gamer. While she loves MMORPGs, the company in them often triggers flare-ups of her social anxiety. Her all-time favorite games include Everquest Online Adventures, Eternal Sonata, the Animal Crossing series, Katamari Damacy, and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. She lives on junk food, and her favorite books are equally trashy. She doesn't believe in putting two spaces after a period, but she does strongly believe in the serial comma. Unfortunately, she has a penchant for starting sentences with "and" and "but;" hopefully you won't hold that, or her excessive use of semicolons, against her.

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