I am having so much fun Lancering!

Castanic Lancer tanking Barraq

Our kill speed has gone up considerably as well compared to our previous duos because Trav’s a much better Priest than I am. I’m much too timid — too afraid of getting squashed. Plus, remember my rant about chained skills? Well, they’re quite useful for Priest DPS.

They’re also very nice for Lancer tanking. Very, very nice. But it’s okay, guys. Since the Lancer has no frontal cone AOE to stick on my 4th mouse button, I was able to rebind chained skills to that button. Because, you know, you just have to Shield Counter off your blocks instead of manually triggering it. (Thank you very much, Influential Stand Fast.)

It’s all so surprising though. I was pretty much convinced we’d pull our first basilisk in the Oblivion Woods at 20, and I’d get one-shot. I was positive there was no way I could tank in Tera. I mean, before I’d tried it out we weren’t even sure I’d be able to play Tera, let alone try a Lancer. And here I am actually tanking things.

We’ve been skipping dungeons this go through since they’re such a time investment, but we’ve done all the BAM quests so far and have taken down three world bosses: Lokan, Barraq, and Atrocitas. We didn’t even see Arakia this go through; that was definitely a first. It seems like Arakia is always up. At least we got to kill some Ovoliths in Poporia to make up for it.

We’ve really found our stride in these last few levels. We’re making our way through the wastes of Chebika and our xp bar is flying. The Priest pretty much explodes everything while I flail about trying to hit things before they’ve gone explodey. Oh, and I block too. And Shield Counter. Because Shield Counter is seriously amazing, guys.

I’m totally digging the Lancer, can you tell?

And, you know what? It doesn’t feel like I’m just playing through the same game again. I’m leading the quests this time, which has been Trav’s job so far in Tera. It’s much different to lead than to blindly (read: lazily) follow. And, I really can’t say it enough, the combat is so different from one class to another.

Sure, there are small similarities and some classes are more similar to some classes than others, but blocking on a Lancer is way different than avoiding being smooshed on a Sorcerer with Teleport Jaunt or Backstep. It’s so rewarding to see that pop up say that you’ve defended successfully from a well-timed block.

It’s definitely nice having a game we like so much again. The free 30 days is up very soon, and we’re set to subscribe for a 6 month period. The only other time we’ve done more than a month-at-a-time subscription was LOTRO’s Lifetime option (which always makes me think of trashy TV movies, by the way), so we’re pretty excited. Here’s hoping that decision doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Chebika Castanic Lancer and Priest with Black Glasses

Oh, and how lucky am I? My delightful husband is off to farm Cultist’s Refuge to try to get my baby Lancer some shiny, new toys.

Spoiled much? I think so!


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