Castanic in Velika

We’re on a very small server in Tera. Everyone who ran for Vanarch got a spot (at least as far as we could tell), and there was still room left over. Our server’s population is so small that one of our provinces actually wound up without a Vanarch at all. I’m not really sure how that affects the zone, but I assume it lacks the fun specialty NPCs that a Vanarchy dictates.

Already I can see some of the problems with such a small server using the same system as one with guilds desperately hoping for a Vanarch position. There’s not much incentive to please your citizens if you’re more or less guaranteed a spot again next time.

Regardless, it’s really interesting to see the candidates working to enrich their provinces; it’s even more interesting to keep a wary eye on those who aren’t as focused on people pleasing.

For example, Arcadia was won by Syrania of Burning Rose. She was campaigning for Ostgarath, but her shining kindness makes her an excellent candidate to look after lowbie land.

Tera Vanarchy

Tera Vanarchy

As you can see, she’s kept taxes low and enabled Specialty Stores and Noble Clerics of Restoration. But, the thing I really appreciate is the Message from the Vanarch section. Even though it’s not something I’d ever do, I appreciate that she’s at least appearing approachable. I feel like she’s taking her job seriously — like it affects more than just her guild.

On the flip side of things, Frodo.Tbaggins of Regis Bellatores has won the Vanarchy in Poporia. This displeases me for a number of reasons. For starters, the character’s name alone is obnoxious. Then, to make matters worse, it appears that Frodo has yet to touch the Vanarch controls. Or, maybe he just appreciates the default settings.

Tera Vanarchy

Tera Vanarchy

This is slightly irksome since we’ve got a pair of characters who just reached Pora Elinu, which happily sits amid the Poporia province. And, unfortunately, though we didn’t vote for Frodo, he was guaranteed a spot somewhere.

We lose a little control just from being on such a small server. Our vote only matters in helping a candidate we like get the province they’re trying for. And, since you only get one vote for each of the three continents, larger guilds on a small server will push their way to an easily guaranteed victory.

My parting thoughts around these first few days of the Vanarchy surround the Island of Dawn. With the exception of the Prologue, it’s the first place that new players experience. They may not understand or care about the Vanarchy at this point, but the Vanarch’s choices affect these new players, and they aren’t even allowed a vote until level 20.

Normally we wouldn’t be too concerned with who was in control of the Island of Dawn, but these lovely ladies just happened to make their way through today.

Tera Castanic Warrior and Mystic

And, upon closer inspection, we found that the taxes were exorbitant. Only one other province has taxes even remotely in the same range.

Tera Vanarchy

I was outraged to see a 10% flight tax and teleportal tax.

But, then when a flight is only 10 silver to start with, and you’re probably never going to get more than one flight out of each character coming through your province, it’s almost understandable to hope for a piddly 1 silver tax.

Plus, the Vanarch himself popped into Area chat during the short time we were leveling to ask if anyone needed anything. It struck me as a wonderfully decent thing for a Vanarch to do, and it made me trust his Vanarch Message a little more whole-heartedly.

Tera Vanarchy

I am a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see a competitive election like some servers had. But, maybe we’ll be able to build a more tightly-knit server because of it. Already there are concessions being made to field enough people to tackle the Nexus events. And surely more guilds will aspire to the Vanarchy as the server develops.


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