Tera Free Trial

Update: You can now play Tera for free for 7 days up to level 23! For more, you can read their news post about the Tera 7-day free trial.

Good news, everyone! Tera now has a free demo you can check out without downloading anything. Just mosey on over to the new Tera Demo page and you’ll be able to check out the Prologue.

Unfortunately, the Prologue is pretty much my least favorite thing about Tera, but at least you’ll be able to investigate the combat system.

If you decide to check it out, all the classes play pretty differently. If you’re able to make multiple characters, I highly recommend doing so. You never know which ones will speak more to you until you’ve given them a chance.

And, Tera fans, don’t worry. These demos are for the Prologue only, so no free players will be able to access and further pollute our already-desecrated chat channels.

Update: The Tera demo was down for maintenance most of Monday, June 4th, but it seems to be up for all of you to enjoy now! Wondering how all this “No Downloading” stuff works out? Well, it looks like En Masse has partnered with Gaikai to offer a really neat service that lets you try Tera via your browser. MMO Asylum checks it out in this video:


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