Strolling through Mad Jester’s Pass southeast of Pora Elinu, you might find what looks like a very large flower umbrella hybrid.

Tera Trunus world boss near Pora Elinu in Mad Jester's Pass

You might have to channel hop to find it, but when it’s up, you’ll find it at the end of the south-most dead end.

It’s kind of enticing, like a carnivorous plant. From afar, it doesn’t really look like one of the local tents. You’re not sure what it is, so you need a closer look.

Then you see that it has a name. And the little icon indicates it’s a world boss. And you are stoked because fighting world bosses is a blast in Tera.

We’ve killed poor Trunus a couple times now.

Trunus fight Lancer Priest duo

It took us half the time to kill him this time. The first time we tried him, with me on the Priest and Trav on the Lancer, it took us an hour. I’m not exaggerating that for effect, either. I kept eying the clock, worrying that I needed to get dinner started. We actually had to sleep Trunus so Trav could get out of combat and use an Arunic Panacea halfway through, a tactic we’ve employed on a number of long, slow fights.

But this time, with the roles reversed, it took us a half hour. It was still a long fight; there’s no doubting that, but it felt so much faster.

We have a few strategies as to why our speed is increased on these characters. For starters, I’m a little more defensively-minded on the Lancer, where Trav tries to squeeze in a bit more offense. His Lancer allows needed a little more healing, thus lowering my Priest’s damage. He’s a little less timid on the Priest as well, which might also account for some of the additional speed.

We’re really excited though. It seems like we’ve found characters whose roles play to our strengths. And, as a bonus, Trav had the opportunity to try out the Mystic to 35, so I’ll hopefully be setting up a Priest vs. Mystic post in the near future.


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