Remember that time I was whining about our latency? Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious why Trav is lagging in Diablo 3 today.

Speed Test results

At least it’s not affecting my Tiny Tower. That would just be blasphemous.

In other news, anyone have any amazing recommendations for strategy titles along the lines of a Tycoon title or something that I could play on the 360 or Windows 7? Ideally any suggestion wouldn’t be browser- or Internet-based for the reasons pointed out in that picture. Sigh.

I have Zoo Tycoon installed on this computer, but that game is, you know, old and stuff.


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  1. Isaac says:

    At least you have good download speeds :)

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, that is a very fortunate thing. We’re paying for a 16mb package (lots of usage in this house!), so it’s usually a bit better than 6 though. If the ping weren’t so ridiculous, it would be totally fine.

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