HNTG, How Not to GameI’m Amanda. I write about games. More specifically, I write about sucking at games.

My husband, Trav, and I generally spend our waking hours wading through MMORPGs. We’re currently adventuring our way through the action combat that is Tera, which you’ll see tons of posts about. Our Tera adventures currently center around a new Lancer and Priest duo who no longer creep out PvE content slower than snail slime since we’ve switched roles. Apparently we’re much more suited to me being the Lancer. We also have a stable full of rarely-played alts that will get mentions here and there.

How Not to Game is home to our lol-worthy personal tales of fail alongside gaming rants and raves. Learn from our mistakes and laugh with us (although, we wouldn’t blame you for laughing at us) while we wade through the “wrong” ways to game. You’ll hear lots of ranting and raving about whatever we’re playing at any given moment, which ranges from our beloved MMOs to retro games and somewhat older console titles, since our budget doesn’t often cater to new releases.

In addition to flailing, I enjoy posting things like game reviews, class guides if I’m feeling brainy, screenshot posts, and general diary-style posts about our progress. Because of my social anxiety, we tend to avoid other people. It makes us really awesome at MMOs, obviously. I don’t handle any confrontation or general human interaction well, so we avoid social contact like grouping. Don’t expect to see posts about our raid progress any time soon.

Though we’re in our late 20s, we live like we’re teenagers. The money we spend on junk food and soda alone could probably feed a small army. With regard to gaming, Trav has a penchant for the grind, be it through traditional RPGs or MMOs, but as long as the game isn’t a tournament fighter or a puzzle game, he’s probably going to enjoy it. I generally have a stronger fondness for the casual than TG. Put a puzzle game in front of me, and I can slip away for hours.

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